Exclusive Shorts

The Chronicles of Whynne:

The Note.

A quick peek into Luka’s life pre-Wren’s contract. Spoilers for Ink and Foxglove.

This is a short that sort of touches a little bit on Winry’s side of things and allows us another peek into the Chronicles of Whynne pre-series. We see a bit of Wren and Luka’s interactions as well as learning a little bit more about Winry.
It was always one of those lingering ideas for Winry to get her own spin off novel with a lighter tone, one in which we see the fae girl juggle suitors and her menace of a sister, but in the end such a book idea was shelved for Haldia

While It Lasts is sort of a peek into the mind of Adam, and it gives us a little idea of his relationship with Kristin. I did not expect their relationship to garner the reaction that it did, but I’ve received many emails about it, some good and some bad.

This short takes place shortly after arriving at the second Kinsley estate between Quill and Cobweb and Paper and Smoke.

Lastly, we have the extended epilogue, which hints at a little something more and returns to the eyes of Wren Laurent, our main narrator.

Holiday Shorts:

Different lands, different rules; If you’re looking for my unconnected holiday shorts, then here they are!

December 2022 Holiday Short:

The Arrow

Valentine’s Day 2022:

The Goddess’s Lover:
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