Alice: Pick a Card

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There were two facts that I was sure of; Wonderland was not real and I, Alice Grey, was a very ordinary young woman—it was impossible for me to be otherwise.
Or so I thought.
I had begun to accept that my father would not return from the war when his pocket watch mysteriously reappears and is stolen by a white rabbit. But just as I give up on catching the rabbit, I fall into a hole, landing somewhere that is most certainly not Oxford.
I soon realize that this is the Wonderland my father had told me stories about. But the White Rabbit of my father’s story is no longer a rabbit, he’s a man– a king even, one with three charming brothers, all heirs to a far greater throne. Only one of them is destined to become the King of Cards and rule over all– and he needs a queen.
Unfortunately, I have no interest in being anyone’s queen or falling in love; all I wish to do is return to Oxford. However, I cannot do it alone, I have to put my trust in someone. But the characters of Wonderland are far from ordinary and even further from trustworthy– Each seems to have their own agenda, and someone does not want me to leave Wonderland at all.
If I stay, I could lose everything I’ve ever known, and if I leave, I could lose everything I’ve ever wanted.


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