We Talk About How I Wrote a Kissing Book in a Month, You See Snippets of the University of the Unseen, I Talk about my Process, Blah, Blah– Come see these two chapters of my new book first.

Knowing exactly what most people will go here for, I’ll lead off with it. I’m still debating on the cover and if I want to change it, it’s kind of a tough decision, but this book has been wrought with tough decisions. One of them being whether or not to publish an absolute tome of a book with both semesters available, which I ended up deciding against.

Another one was an announcement that’s coming soon and that I think most people will be excited about, but, let’s talk about that later. Book first, fun times second.

Ivy and Ash is available for preorder right now, and will release on May 12th. There’s also an updated description coming soon, so keep an eye out!

I talk about writing books, but set the mood first.

Click play. We’re talking processes here and going on an adventure.

Here is how I took a just for fun 50k words romance book and turned it into my own personal hell.

The Steps to Writing a Book By B. A. Lovejoy

  1. Come up with an idea.
  2. Change your mind a million times.
  3. Realize that you need to edit your other books.
  4. Edit those.
  5. Change your mind on those a thousand times.
  6. Take your god kissing book and change it into a dystopian kissing book.
  7. Shelve god kissing book.
  8. Unshelve god kissing book.
  9. Scream.
  10. Pull out Dystopian Romance again.
  11. Scream.
  12. Make a chapter by chapter plot outline for both books.
  13. Realize one of the books doesn’t have an actual plot.
  14. Scream.
  15. Write the book with the plot using your carefully bulletpointed chapter by chapter outline and–
  16. Oh shit, edit that one book that’s coming out in May.
  17. Book that’s coming out in may is too long. Half it. Perfect. Cry about the fact that you will have to write six books for this series at the same time.
  18. Dystopian romance is sitting at 40k words. Put it down to write god romance book based off of vibes.
  19. Vibes are not plot. cry.
  20. Finish dystopian romance. It’s longer than I thought.
  21. Cry.

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