We’re Setting Up Camp (A Month Early Because We’re Losers and This Stuff Takes Time)

Hello Readers, it’s me, Miss Bethany Anne Lovejoy, and I am here to welcome you to this, my absurdly long, far too complicated CampNanowrimo bootcamp where you will be joining me, Miss Bethany Anne Lovejoy, as I try to write yet another book– but one that’s not in a series, nor a planned release.

A bonus book!

One that is such a surprise that I don’t even know what it’s going to be about! Yay!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “wait, Miss B. A. Lovejoy, don’t you always have ideas for books and series? Aren’t you always a limitless pool of imagination? Isn’t this your job? Also aren’t you a super hot and undeniably attractive 26 year old woman who should be out on a whole array of dates instead of taking time out of your surely busy social life to talk about writing books?” To which I will laugh and say, ha ha, I wish!

It’s fine, my life is just falling apart.

Aside from my most recent, upcoming series, I have never really thought ahead on just about anything. Typically my process involves plotting out a whole series, finding my plans changing left and right, and then deciding what I’m doing next based on whatever the hell I’ve most recently interacted with that’s struck my fancy. This is, notably, a terrible business model.

But it’s my business model, and how we’re doing things around here.

Now, I have a few ideas for this, but basically the whole month of March is going to have one larger, overarching goal: Find an idea for a book… and write it.

That might sound fairly simple to you, but it’s not.

This whole week is probably just going to be just throwing out ideas to see what fits, then next week is going to be fleshing out a few of those ideas and then realizing that they’re stupid. The week after that will be soul crushing depression, and then the fourth week of March will be coming up with a way to combine my ideas and act like I’m a genius, and then the final week of March? Actually plotting it out.

Which leaves April open for writing.

So if you’re not a plotter in the slightest, y’all can have a good break this month and I’ll see you in April. But if you are a plotter? Well get ready, because we are going to glue together what little remains of my brain after reading a somewhat endless array of hockey romances and somehow come out with a fantasy romance plot.

It sounds crazy, I know. But like Cher in Mamma Mia 2 playing the recently deceased Donna’s mother, I swear it will work.



You know what, just watch Cher sing Fernado..


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