The Polls Post

Hello, dear reader;

Did you know that it is the end of the year?

Did you also know that the final book in Alice: Pick a Card released this month and is available in paperback?

Did you also know that I, B. A. Lovejoy, am an author who writes other things and has recently moved to New Adult due to reasons that we don’t talk about?

You probably knew some of that, considering the fact that you’re here. You also probably knew that my blog updates on the 27th with yet another post in which we talk about the upcoming year, look in our back mirror and laugh about the year we just left behind while getting a preview of the prologue for a new series that you may or may not be able to see on this very day if you subscribe to my newsletter. (If you are subscribed to my newsletter and me stating that annoyed you to the point that you unsubscribed, please come back. I’m sorry.)


I, Bethany Anne Lovejoy, am floating directionless in the sea and asking for help from you (people who read my books) to help me out.

Dear readers, please guide me with this list of polls. (And if you only care about one poll, the continuing Alice in a sequel series poll, please go to the very end.) All I’m asking is that you have an opinion on any of this and you read my books, let me know. I promise to let you know the results at the end of January.

Anyway, let’s go.



ARCS and Bonuses

Final Poll

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