The Absurdly Long, Not So Well Announced News Post (Alice, Haldia, The Troll King’s Bride! Whynne Stuff! New Series! Finishing Series! AND MORE.)

Sometimes in life, you are a complete mess, and that is me. Right now. Right here.

And so, without further ado, I present to you my newspost.

You get two photos of my dog this blog post.

Alright, let’s start with what everyone is wondering; release dates.

Alice in the Land of Hearts will have a cover drop ‘randomly’ on my instagram stories sometime between today and monday, when all of the details will be finalized. The book will also be available for preorder starting that day. On monday the official blurb will release for Alice in the Land of Diamonds, and the book itself will officially debut… drumroll, please, January 21st. But, again, if you are on my ARC team you will be able to pick it up ahead of time for review purposes.

There will also be a bonus prologue made available on my website about Fitz starting release day. You might think that’s a lot of stuff, and maybe it is, but wait– there’s more. Cue poll.

That’s right, reader, you get more free content this month. By god, do we love free content.

You’ll also get to see the end of Haldia this month. That’s right, the end of the month. At the very least there will be a seven day preorder up for it, but it’s looking like it will probably actually come out on the last day of the month so… yay?

This book has been a huge struggle for me, largely because I knew what had to happen and that something bad needed to occur; but I just could not stomach writing it. And then I got sick, went to Vegas, had a good cry, got sick again, and gave myself anemia by surviving off of just rehydrated hash browns that I ate while sitting down on my floor for a month.

But here we are: Haldia.

At the end of the day, I held my own hand, looked myself in the mirror, and said: “Miss Bethany Anne Lovejoy, you are a romance author. Romances have happy endings. You are going to find a way to make this a happy ending.” And then I cried.

I honestly love Haldia as a series and Mila is one of my favorite characters to write. Saying goodbye has been immensely difficult. I just keep telling myself that when the final Whynne series ends, I’ll get all of my little Whynne daughters in a photo or something, maybe make myself a tiny little Finn doll because I loved him so much. (Finn has been my favorite love interest to write, my second favorite is Kaeden, who is closely followed by Luka.)

That’s my child. My daughter. My little snarky, judgmental girl.

But once Haldia ends… There will be a new beginning. And by that I mean, I got distracted and came up with another series so there will be a brief break between Whynne series before the finale there.

Listen, it’s a weird life.

I really wanted to do a book about magic again sans fae, but I was not ready to revisit the world of Candlelit yet, so I came up with another world and….

Well, I guess you’ll have to wait and see. I’m not saying Academic Rivals to Lovers to Enemies to Lovers to Divorced Parents Vibes to Lovers to Why aren’t we together to my god you could die to spicy lovers… but.

You know, maybe. I mean, I want it so yeah, probably.

–Which brings me to my final little news item:

The Troll King’s Bride’s ending is being rewritten, since I realized that she really did end up with the wrong guy. So… release date on that is a bit iffy right now, but we’ll see when it does come. Believe me when I say, you’ll all be so much happier with the changed ending.

I might someday release the original ending, like make it a little newsletter exclusive or something but… Listen, I had this moment where I did not listen to my little monster loving heart and I regretted it. I didn’t want to be one of those authors who ends a series or book and regrets it forever! We all got pumped for this book because of monster kissing and gosh darn diggity, WE ARE GOING TO GET MONSTER KISSING.

I swear to you.

After all of that is done and I am able to have a normal person life in February, I will be responding to my instagram dms, facebook dms, emails, fan inquiries and so forth. Right now I am just in create mode and very forgetful.

Anyway, that’s the news. All of it was important. Super important. Focus on it. Spend hours staring at it and not what I am just about to show you right now–

Here’s a photo of Brownie wearing dog boots so he doesn’t get snow in between his toes.

Yes, he does own knock off ugg boots now. If you’re a millennial then you remember when everyone in america was buying airwalks from payless to look cool and one girl in your class got real ugg boots and then told everyone that they were made of real dead sheep and you realized that you would rather be poor and wearing your polyester-blend knock off uggs. God bless being poor.

If you want a more constant news cycle and to watch me struggle, check out my twitter. I’ll see you Monday.

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