Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Here’s a Free Short to Tide You Over!

Waiting on the new Alice to come out? Or for news of Haldia? I’m still waiting on the covers, but they’re coming next month! Until then, you can tide yourself over and get a little short for free today courtesy of me!

I like to think of it like a spin on Little Red Riding Hood with a bit of a Scandanavian influence, but you can look at it however you like. It’s girl x wolfboy time. The pdf is available below!

If you’re still itching for more Alice, however, don’t forget to head over to the Pick a Card page, where a spoiler-free prologue about the Mad Hatter that gives a little more insight into his life is available, as well as a poll where you can let your voice be heard as to who you’re rooting for in Pick a Card.

So far Kaeden is leading by an ungodly amount, which I honestly did not expect but props to him. Thomas is in a close second and shockingly, Gilbert Glenshire has fans– unlike Fitz and William. I’m happy for him.

My god, Kaeden. What a good man.

If you disagree with these results and find yourself in need of Fitz’s glorious victory, you can head on over and vote– with one thing in mind, I’m cleaning up duplicate votes that are made on the same day. Just for fairness’s sake.

In the next Pick a Card book, we’ll be meeting the Jabberwock, catching our first glimpse of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and spending time in the City of Diamonds! There’s not much more I can say about it, but keep an eye on the poll options and know that the next cover will be previewed on my instagram and newsletter sometime soon, along with a link for preorder!

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