The Vella Debate

By now you’ve heard of Kindle Vella.

Or you haven’t, in which case, you likely don’t use the amazon’s main website to look for books like I do because it lets you search such tantalizing terms as “enemies to lovers slow burn ya fae fiction kissing book with low steam”. In which case, good for you, you live a better life than me and you are overall a less embarrassing person.

I’ll break down Kindle Vella for you:
Kindle vella is an episodic based marketplace in which stories are released in a chapter by chapter format. Most of the time in programs such as that, you pay to read the episodes after a certain point and more occasionally unlock for free, but that is not the case with Kindle Vella and you do have to pay for the episodes after a certain point. It is not included in Kindle Unlimited.

Now, I’ve stayed away from Kindle Vella for a while largely because I’m not a huge reader of episodic stories and a majority of my readers like the chance to binge read series, which I completely understand.

There is an appeal, however.

The appeal is this:
I love to write.
Like I adore writing, if I could write day and night and never take a single break, I would. Sadly, however, there is editing and ARCs and stuff like that to be had; mainly arcs.

With Alice and Haldia running at the same time for the next two months, I can’t throw a third book into the mix and expect there to be any ARC readers or people who would want to read three books from me of all people in one month.

But I could, theoretically, do a Kindle Vella and set up automated post/be writing on the ground while books are coming out, then later release into Kindle Unlimited a month or two after a book ends. This would be a sort of ‘updates twice weekly’ structure, and I have turned down offers like this in the past just because they were integrated with separate platforms that I just didn’t really know as well as Amazon–

This is a long babble. The point is, let me know.

I have two project offerings I would be willing to do for Kindle Vella; a comedic Knight’s Tale esq story that also plays a lot into the Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, or a demonic arranged marriage deep south project.

Let me know if you would be interested in seeing Kindle Vella stories, or if you would rather the books be queued up for later release directly to Kindle Unlimited!

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