Stories from Whynne and More on Haldia, Alice, Etc!

Hello readers!

My, what a long time it’s been! It has, quite frankly, been a month.

But, now we’re here, and man do I have things to give you.

First and foremost, let’s talk stories from Whynne. I have three stories here, so here comes the little introductory blurbs and the courtesy reminder that all of these are in the omnibus edition of the Chronicles of Whynne. (The print edition of which will hopefully be coming later this year once the paper shortage is done and publishing as a whole goes back to normal. I want my books to remain affordable and accessible!)

So without further ado, let’s talk a Terrifying Ailment.
This is a short that sort of touches a little bit on Winry’s side of things and allows us another peek into the Chronicles of Whynne pre-series. We see a bit of Wren and Luka’s interactions as well as learning a little bit more about Winry.
It was always one of those lingering ideas for Winry to get her own spin off novel with a lighter tone, one in which we see the fae girl juggle suitors and her menace of a sister, but in the end such a book idea was shelved for Haldia.

While it lasts is sort of a peek into the mind of Adam, and it gives us a little idea of his relationship with Kristin. I did not expect their relationship to garner the reaction that it did, but I’ve received many emails about it, some good and some bad.

This short takes place shortly after arriving at the second Kinsley estate between Quill and Cobweb and Paper and Smoke.

Lastly, we have the extended epilogue, which hints at a little something more and returns to the eyes of Wren Laurent, our main narrator.

All of these are available in the Chronicles of Whynne Complete collection, but I felt that they should be available online as well for my fans!

Now let’s talk Haldia.

The Barren Sea just released today, and I’m so excited to be starting another series. The Legends of Haldia follows a young woman named Mila who has spent her life in devotion tot he goddess Navka, but later finds herself in a precarious situation when she takes it upon herself to take care of Finn Treary– a man who is not only a fae, but also meant to be her patron, and therefore unavailable to her romantically. Unfortunately, Mila is unable to steal herself against him and well… a lot happens as a result.

I put it a lot better in the blurb, I swear.

There are rules that must not be broken.

Ones I have to follow if I wish to become a Navia, one of the girls sent to calm the tides in the name of the goddess Navka. The first rule is to protect my patron, even if the seas call him away and I will never see him again; it is my duty to make offerings to the goddess Navka and ask for her help in guiding him. The second rule is to not fall in love with my patron. The third rule is to honor Haldia above all else.

But my patron isn’t Haldian. He isn’t even human.

My patron is a mysterious mapmaker named Finn, a fae from the country of Whynne– one that doesn’t even believe in the goddess Navka. He’s been stranded since the border between our countries closed, faced with the possibility of death if he is discovered.

For Finn to get home will take nothing short of a miracle… Which comes in the unlikely form of a charming, charismatic pirate and his misfit crew looking for a Navia to guide them through the Barren Sea. Everyone knows that the Barren Sea is the most dangerous sea in the world and that few make it out alive. Even though I’m meant to keep Finn at a distance, I find myself willing to risk everything to save him.

Even if it means turning my back on everything I’ve ever known.

Not only is the Barren Sea available today, but the second book in the trilogy is also available for preorder starting today!

Lastly, Alice! The official cover and blurb are yet to come, but ready yourselves for my first New Adult offering!


It was supposed to be a magical land, one that my father told me stories about just before he disappeared.

But fourteen years later, I am surprised to find it is real, and not only that, it is inhabited with magical beings, ones who expect me to fill my father’s role after his untimely death. They’re determined to make me stay. A young card by the name of Thomas manages to draw me in, but while I’m having my clandestine love affair, trouble is brewing…

Because there are four kings in Wonderland and only one throne; to claim it, they need a queen.

But I am far from queen material, and my heart already belongs to another. Or so I think…

Full synopsis and cover to come.

Alice is actually currently my longest work to date, and if you’re a part of my ARC team you can expect to see it around September 30th before of its length– the book will be on review until October 30th. It’s sort of a passion project, but this series will be about four books long and explores Wonderland in a more romantic way.

I actually did several papers on Alice in Wonderland when I was in college, so it’s really a sort of love note to the series from someone who spent way too long reading it. As well, however, let me remind you; romanticization. Romance takes the lead here.

Alice is a more mature series than much of the rest of my catalogue, and so that is a fair warning about it. If you’re not comfortable with that sort of thing, then that’s perfectly fine! I have plenty of other books to come and I’m very excited to share them.

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