Pronunciations in Whynne and When the Next Short is Coming.

Pronunciations, oh my god, pronunciations. Never have I thought of making a guide in the back of the books, but in future ones I might have to.

I’ll also touch a little bit on the bonus content today.

So, without further ado…

How do you say that? Words in Whynne.

Whynne – Wuh-en. Pronounced like when. The name comes from the frequent demand of when in the first draft of the Night King. Like when will there be sunlight again? God, I’m a dork.
In Whynne it’s often considered good luck to name your child after the country, thus Winnie.

Haldia – Hall-dee-uh. I actually came up with the phrase Haldian before the country name was decided and fell in love with it.

Audon – Uh- don. Audon is to me, actually very interesting, it takes a little bit of inspiration from Liechtenstein and is this sort of military-free country living in symbiosis with the countries around it. Unlike Liechtenstein, however, I would say that it’s not a financial powerhouse or anything, think sheep and just sheep. Nothing else.

Leder- La-ay-der.

Eige- E-i-guh. Eige takes a lot of inspiration from the Netherlands and England. It’s filled with canal towns and is kind of this question of a country like, “what would happen if it just never stopped raining?” The answer is Eige. A dreary place where everyone yearns for better days but doesn’t know what they’d do with them.

And that’s all I can think of for now, fae names are outlined on their posts if they’re unpopular in common folklore. Do you have a name you’re wondering about or a word you just can’t figure out? Comment below or message me and let me know!

The Next Short?

I’m thinking the second week of August for the next short, it should be my next blog post! After that I’m debating whether I will bundle the last short with the extended epilogue or drag it out another week! Who knows!

This will be a Wren POV chapter that touches on one of the moments that we don’t see in Quill and Cobweb, or towards the end of it. You’ll see.

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