The Future of the Chronicles of Whynne and a General Update

Wow, what a time these past few months have been, and how unbelievable it is that as I write this post, the last book sits on my computer, waiting to see the world.

I’ve received a few emails over the past few nights asking me about Whynne and what comes next. It’s very funny, because it seems like two or three of you were worried as to how Whynne will end and whether there will be a truly happy ending. I think the most clear things I can say regarding that are: the Chronicles of Whynne is a fantasy series, but it is ultimately a fantasy romance series, and all of the books I write are in the romantic genre– but we must also note that, when it comes to Whynne, everything is a matter of perspective. Endings that are happy for some characters are miserable for the others.

Which is a long way of saying I’m not telling you. Not until that last book.

The last book will be coming out in July, and sometime around that Candlelit will be returning to Kindle Unlimited as well. A new chapter written from Luka’s point of view will take its place as free content for newsletter subscribers, later available in some edition of the omnibus coming August or the collector’s omnibus that hopefully will come this winter.

Newsletter subscribers know that after Whynne we will be hopping over to Haldia/the ocean a bit for a three book series exploring the world Whynne resides in and allowing us to see a few returning faces. We’ll likely be staying in the world of Whynne for one more book series, but whether we will revisit the country of Whynne or see another one remains to be seen. I like to work in groupings of three, so either we’re going for three Whynne only series and three series from the world around Whynne, or we’re going for three series from three countries.

Someday I might consider writing standalones that are a lot cleaner for younger audiences in each of my universes, but that’s long term thinking and I have a short term attention span.

With the last book in the Chronicles, I will be sending out reviewer forms again to my newsletter subscribers and also asking if anyone is interested in reviewing the Haldia series as well! This is a great opportunity if you don’t have the means to read the books but are interested in the universe, since I can provide all the books in a series if you haven’t read them! As an indie author, I live off reviews, and your reviews help so many other people find these books and keep the series going.

I will also be posting about different types of fae here in the coming days/weeks. These posts are already queued up and ready to go, but if you have any questions about a type of fae or character you can always message me via the contact form. Then you’ll probably see them pop up in a few days!

As well, I’m thinking towards the end of Haldia I’ll be posting a little survey to see what you guys want to see and whether you want to stay in the universe of Whynne/ what country you would like to visit. I love doing things like that because I love hearing your opinions on things! To go with that, we will hopefully finally have two maps, one of Whynne and one of the universe around it. Since I don’t currently sell merch (I’m not planning to, I believe), you’ll likely only be able to get said maps in print copies of the books.

Artwork is by Elsa Beskow 1874-1953.

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