The Chronicles of Whynne: Quill and Cobweb

I’m so excited to announce the sequel to Ink and Foxglove, coming out June 26th.

Normally, there is a fairytale ending…

Normally, the King is not the hero’s enemy.

I knew that I would not have a fairytale ending from the moment my story began, that there was no way to ride off with my lover and vanish into the sunset. Not when my lover is Luka Kinsley, a man who I could not bear to be parted with, even though I once despised him with every fiber of my being. A man with Unseelie blood running through his veins.

King Theo is convinced that war is imminent and that the Unseelie are rising up to claim the throne. He’d do anything to stop it, even if that means sacrificing his own people.

I was sent to the camps to train, honing my powers for the upcoming war. Only, I didn’t do that, instead I threw every fight and incited the King’s rage. Now my time at the camps is over, and I am sent to the highest mountain in Whynne, where the Unseelie roam unchecked and the nights are full of terror.

But there’s more than meets the eye to the mountain and the forests of Whynne, a story buried far beneath the ground; one of how Whynne was made and how, inevitably, it will fall.

Catch a preorder link below and check in in July for the announcement of the final book in the Chronicles of Whynne Trilogy.

Stay tuned later this month for a small surprise for Chronicles of Whynne fans!

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