Ink and Foxglove, available May 19th!

It had been night once…

Long before I was born, a human queen ended the endless darkness and drove out the Unseelie, pushing those that remained back into the forest surrounding the Kingdom of Whynne. Ever since, there have been whispers from humans and Seelie alike that the beasts will return to reclaim the stolen throne.

I heard the rumors, but they seemed so far away. As a human girl adopted by fae nobility after my mother’s untimely death, I felt safe behind the bars of the gilded cage gifted to me.

That is, until Luka Kinsley returns; a man who I could just as easily go a lifetime without ever seeing again and a fae noble whose lineage is far from perfect. Luka cashes in a debt owed by my adopted parents, dragging me into his employ. That’s when I became suspicious. There have always been rumors about Luka’s parentage, that he’s part Unseelie, but he’s hiding a secret far greater than that…

One which could topple a kingdom.

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