The Night King and The Chronicles of Whynne

By now a few readers have already spotted the updated title on my amazon page, and others have commented on how excited they are for a sequel to come out.

I’ve already talked about this in my newsletter and a few other places quite a bit, but I thought I should give a little more information about what’s going on. So let’s start with the basics, yes the series will be continuing.

It’s so exciting to announce that we’ll be revisiting Whynne soon, this May, and that there will be a trilogy set in the kingdom. Of course, a hundred years will have passed, so we won’t get to see as many familiar faces– but the legacy of what Amelie, Edwyn, and Winnie have done will live on!

We’ll get to see the country move on, see some new threats arise, and anxiously watch the skies in hope that daylight continues to shine. We’ll also get to know more about the Unseelie, the countries around Whynne, and what exactly makes the land so special.

The first book in this upcoming trilogy has been tentatively named Ink and Foxglove, and in the coming weeks I’ll be doing a cover reveal on my Instagram, as well as making a few other announcements.

Image is by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.

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