Let’s Pitch Ideas for CampNano and Write Books Together

Hello my dearest, beloved readers and people who are halfheartedly googling CampNano 2022, it is I, your most treasured author, B. A. Lovejoy, here to herald another Nanowrimo– the most anticipated and dreaded segment on my blog.

As we all know, last year I failed to produce a book for Nanowrimo that I felt was publishable, because I didn’t follow my soul. I knew deep within my heart that I greatly desired troll romantic antics, but I failed myself there, and consequentially, you as well. That’s why this round I am following my soul, which means, as per usual, the tentative schedule…

Goes out the window.

You see, sometimes writing requires being really really into something, and by god we’re going to craft something we’re really into this year. You and me, reader, are going to discuss such essential aspects of the B. A. Lovejoy creative model such as (but not limited to): coming up with ideas, creating characters, managing our time (MUCH REQUESTED), and kissing.

So much kissing.

You see readers, this is not just a blog in which you, a person who may or may not read my books, learns how to write a book. This is a blog in which you, a person who may or may not read my books, learns how to write a kissing book.

Because fun fact for all of you have been oddly offbase about what my books are all about, I’m an entertainer, and these books are one thing and one thing only…. Drumroll…

These books are kissing books.

I can not stress that enough. If you do not enjoy romance as a genre, think it’s lesser, or hail the likes of the thousands of male authors who are writing action led fantasy books, you will be disappointed, because above all else:

These books are mostly kissing books– with magic.

That’s right, baby, you’ve come to the romantic fantasy (or fantasy romance) section of Nanowrimo, get in losers, we’re going ye olde snogging.

Without further ado, let’s get to writing.

Or prepping to write.

Listen, kids, we really just hit the ground running around here.

In which I try to come up with multiple ideas to write a book based on, ultimately discard half of them, put up a poll, and talk about how important finding the similarities between your ideas is.

Hello readers, and welcome to the trainwreck that is writing.

I like to start every nanowrimo off by coming up with an idea on the first day and the days following it, because I am inherently, a trashcan fire of a person who somehow miraculously releases book after book. Now, if you haven’t read my previous nanowrimo posts, you may not understand the concept of plotability– but worry not, you can read them right here, come back, and then give me even more website views.

Or I can just explain it again here really really quickly:

Welcome to school, I am your lovely, joyous teacher.

Am I legally allowed to use a bunch of youtube videos every post? I don’t know, and I’m quite frankly too scared to ask. But we all know that us returning to the Lovejoy classroom calls for a Mamma Mia cover from the theatrical masterpiece (and my favorite movie), Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!

Young Bill is absurdly attractive.

Throw out the idea that you’re going to be a great writer that will have some deep impact on the literary world– just do it. Fun stories don’t come from that.

Now put on your little jester hat, jingle your bells, and start dancing. We’re here to have a good time, nothing else. The B. A. Lovejoy school of writing subscribes to a single belief: we’re entertainers and writing books is fun for us, that’s why we do it. Do you sometimes accidentally wander out of your little alley way and become a fulltime jester dancing in front of the masses instead of putting on a show for family and friends who throw you little breadcrumb when you use the B. A. Lovejoy methods? Yeah, weirdly, and then you’ll buy a bunch of yogurt, poison yourself because you’re lactose intolerant, and have a really bad November.

But that’s beyond the point; we’re having fun in this household. Because fun is easy to write.

And you know what else is easy to write? Actually plottable books. Books that make you giggle. Books that make you want to keep going.


It’s very important that you read other people’s books as well, and watch television, and listen to music, and lay on your bed with your eyes closed to daydream every once in a while because believe it or not, you are not a self generated genius. Creativity doesn’t come solely from inside us, and we are a product of the media we ingest. The same stories are told over and over again with different twists because humans naturally want to build on things and combine ideas–

Basically, you’re not a genius, so let’s just shelf our egos here and watch some tv, read about some historical events, and then come back here with ideas.

You got em?

Cool, I’ll talk mine.

Five ideas, but they’re springtime themed this round, or don’t reference winter, or aren’t the Jack Frost romance because I am saving that for winter, dammit:

  • A young woman pretends to be a knight but suddenly needs a face for her con, enter a kind local himbo looking to become someone’s squire.
  • She’s the Kingdom’s last poisoner, he’s the King’s least favorite lord. A marriage of deathly convenience.
  • A local witch tries to help a man break free of his love potion and the various side effects before he ends up marrying the wrong girl.
  • Portal romance. Faun boyfriend. I refuse to give up.
  • A sad English fairytale retelling because I am, in fact, a sad English woman. Or a sad American woman of English heritage but the English heritage is very very close and I see my mum (who is from Suffolk, England!) very very frequently.

Amazing, we have some ideas. These aren’t concrete ideas, but they allow us to start thinking about tropes and what we would like to do with them, so that on the third when we start actually writing and developing our story, we can tell what tropes we need to be happy.

I can tell from these ideas that lately I am in the mood for the following tropes:

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Beloved Himbos
  • Fairytale retellings
  • Jack Frost romances
  • Fantasy with romcom vibes

Using all of these I can kind of tell what I need to have a good time writing. And since this is campnano and our goal with every nano event is to have a good time writing? Bam, we’re on the right track. No poll needed.*

Anyway, take those ideas, mull them over, and get ready for me to have real plots available for you on day three, team.

But like really mull them over.

I mean, put some Taylor Swift on and lay in the middle of your rug thinking about it, okay? Play the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack, you know you want to.

Remember that writing books is meant to be fun. Not stressful. Don’t get writers block and lay facedown on the ground for a week in the middle of January or something, okay?


Then you’re right. There is no expert in writing books out there. There’s just people who do it.

And I do it.

I write books.

Please note that for nearly every week this month, I have put items in my catalog on sale for one dollar each in the US and UK. This is so that new readers can get a taste of what I read, and old readers can free up their kindle unlimited slots.

This week the complete Chronicles of Whynne series is available in both the UK and US for one dollar.

My goal is that if you read my books and you like them, then you want to hang out here and write with me even more.

Whynne is an older series of mine, but it’s one of my favorites, and I think it just shows how much we can grow over time as a writer, especially in the indie scene. If you’re curious about me, feel free to check it out, if you’re not curious about me and feel like you want to embark on this journey with me regardless of what I write then heck yeah, let’s do this, and if you’re a long time reader?

Then thank you, from the bottom of my heart, so very much– Let’s hope that this time I stay true to who we are and do let the lil monster man get his sweet kisses in.

Come Back April Third to Learn About Monster Kissing and Plotting Books With Me

*Mainly because last time I gave you guys a poll, a bunch of you voiced your support for the Jack Frost romance with relentless enthusiasm on Instagram, didn’t vote, and no one cared about anything else– so then the portal faun romance won out on the website, but I was confused as to whether your souls were actually more into the Jack Frost thing than anything else. (YOU WILL GET THE JACK FROST BOOK THIS YEAR. I’VE BEEN WORKING ON IT. 700 PAGES. I’M TRYING TO TRIM IT DOWN.)

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