Talking Ideas, Future Books, and Leaking My Own Drafts

Brownie watches me work every day.

Hello readers!

It’s feels like it’s been forever, maybe even a century? It’s most certainly been far too long since I’ve last posted.

In a few days I’ll begin updating with more Pick a Card worldbuilding things (the new book is releasing the 26th), but I wanted to start talking about the future and let you guys know where my mind is as I finish up Haldia (waiting on covers) and continue Alice.

My goal is to try and keep two series going on at all times this year for some variety, but we’ll see. I’ve got high hopes for myself and I already know what’s lined up for after Alice.

So, sit down kids, and dream with me.

Obviously we won’t have the same dream but… Let’s talk tropes.

Dark Academia, Rivals to Lovers, and Forbidden Love. I was heavily inspired by the story of Burke and Hare for this one, European witch hunts, and the 21 grams experiment. Looking at all of that, I knew that I wanted my next project to have higher tension and a darker setting. I also knew that I wanted to continue publishing in New Adult and that the story would work better with a higher heat in a slow burn narrative.

I also knew that I wanted to do something different with setting than I’d done with witches before, and that in my research I became a lot more interested with the concept of familiars than I was before. Which resulted in this.

Warning, the following is unedited and my editor is a godsend. I’ll talk about why I decided not to go with this first draft below.

There it is, a lot of world building.

The reason I decided not to start out with this, despite getting to begin figuring out how familiars transform and make the world a little bit more distinct? Even though the first chapter did a good job of slowly revealing the relationship?

I just wanted something more active. I wanted to start in the location that was the center of the story, give a better idea of who the main character was. I was also really on the fence about how I wanted to introduce Quinn.

So, there it goes. Off into my folder of failed drafts. Sometimes things get evicted just for having an opening line that I’m not fond of. First chapters are hard. This chapter is also labeled with what was its working title, as I like to keep titles to myself for new series until their books are released just incase.

I don’t currently have an estimated time of arrival for this book series, but I’m hoping around April or so.

Writing is weird.

For summer, I’m looking into doing a story about sirens… and pirates. A far departure from my original plan.

Listen, you can never have enough pirates.

If you’re interested in my processes and how I write books, I’m considering making a tiktok account and discussing it there, as well as the books I read. I don’t know, let me know if you’d be interested! And keep an eye out for an Alice Pick a Card post later this week, as well as the preorder link for the third book!

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