Alice In the City of Diamonds is coming January 21st!

There is no way back from Wonderland—or so they claim.

Not when the only door leading to my world is broken, and the magic of Wonderland has been thrown out of order. The magic itself relies on the clock at the center of Wonderland; but with the clock broken, my home in a state of disarray, and the man responsible for it missing? There is no hope.

But there is someone who knows how to fix the clock; Fitz, the annoying, self-serving rabbit who got me into this whole mess. Too bad he’s more concerned with wooing his prospective bride and becoming the King of Cards.

He’s locked in a race to the altar; staring down the threat of his youngest brother’s blooming romance with the Red Queen, Fitz’s own unwilling bride, and his unresolved feelings for me. Meanwhile, I couldn’t care less what troubles Fitz faces; I swore he would never become King of Cards, and that I would get home no matter what the cost.

Even if it means interfering in the lives of the royal court to pressure the man who I hate more than anything in this world into working beside me, facing down the Jabberwock, and becoming entangled in a sordid love affair. 

But it’s not just the Kings I have to worry about, or even the menacing jaws of the Jabberwock. There’s still someone lurking in the background, someone determined to keep me in Wonderland at any price.

Additional Content will be available on my website, as well as a poll for you to show your favorite boys! This book is steamier than the previous Alice book and as a fair warning I would like to remind readers that Alice: Pick a Card is a New Adult offering.



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Alice In the City of Diamonds

Interested in Pick a Card? Catch the first book of the series here, and preorder the City of Diamonds below!

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