Coming July 30th, Paper and Smoke, the final book in the Chronicles of Whynne Trilogy!

The King’s days are numbered.

They have been since the day Luka and I walked down the mountain with our group of misfits in tow. Since the petulant king and his ambitious bride tried to use my powers to end the Unseelie, threatening to upend the balance of Whynne.

Now the forest burns at the hands of The King, and acrid smoke fills the air—harming both Unseelie and Seelie alike. The King is looking for me, and he will tear apart the whole country to find me. Little does he know, I’m right under his nose, and my companions are making plans to leave the country as soon as possible.

But I do not wish to abandon the Kingdom of Whynne, not while The King grows closer to his goal of eradicating the Unseelie. When an unforeseen betrayal leads to the capture of my lover, I know that I have reached my limit. I cannot let the Kingdom of Whynne fall, nor can I risk losing the love of my life, Luka.

But getting Luka back won’t be easy. I’ll have to not only use my powers, but rely on an old foe that I swore to never see again.

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